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AMSPAR Certificate/Diploma in Primary Care and Health Management

Pass Rate : Certificate 100%    Diploma 94%

This course is designed for those already in management and wishing to gain a formal accredited qualification and professional membership.  It is also for those that might be in a deputy or junior managerial role and wish to apsire to becoming a practice or health manager.  It can also be undertaken by individuals who wish to begin a career in Health.  This qualification is also recognised by the Medical Defence Services (UK armed forces) and the Prison Service.  It is used by the Private Sector and Third Sector.  International students are accepted on this course.  

This course is certificated and students are able to gain attainment certificates whilst completing each module of the course and have an option to gain proficiency certificates for each module too.  Upon successful completion of either course, the student will receive their accredited certificates.  The modules for the Certificate and Diploma include credits which are included on the Ofqual register.  Universities and colleges, such as the Open University may recognise these credits for use against higher qualifications or degrees.

Students who successfully complete the course will be entitled to apply for professional membership.  'Certified' status is available and this allows paid up members of AMSPAR to use the designation 'Certified Practice Manager' (CPMgr MAMS AIPC) or 'Certified Health Manager' (CHMgr MAMS AISC)and this includes FREE membership of either the Institute of Primary Care or the Institute of Secondary Care.  Students who complete the Diploma are entitled to the designation 'Certified Strategic Manager (CSMgr MAMS AIPC or CSMgr MAMS AISC), choosing the faculty of their choice. 

Students who register for this course will be automatically eligible to apply for a Totum Pro discount card.  This is the offical discount card for the National Union of Students and you simply request your verification code from Head Office.  A fee is payable, but average savings are £500+ per year on average spending and includes top brands, such as Apple, Samsung, Amazon and the Co-op.  Categories include fashion, beauty, technology, food and so much more.  Choose between 1 to 3 years registration upon application.

 Level 5 Certificate in Primary Care and Health Management 4419-06 600/2503/7 

Level 5 Diploma in Primary Care and Health Management 4419-06 600/2502/5 The City & Guilds/AMSPAR Level 5 Certificate and Diploma in Primary Care and Health Management are designed specifically for existing and aspiring managers working or who wish to work in a primary care or in a health / social care environment. These qualifications allow candidates to learn and develop the skills required for employment and/or career progression in general practice and related organisations. With the Certificate they will gain the essential knowledge and understanding required to ensure the efficient delivery of patient and community services as well as develop key transferable skills in communication, resource and financial management. The Diploma offers candidates the opportunity to broaden their understanding of management theory and techniques and apply these to meet the challenges of initiating and implementing change and quality improvement. These specialist qualifications contribute knowledge and understanding towards the related Level 5 NVQs in Management whilst containing additional skills and knowledge which go beyond the scope of the NOS. They provide valuable accreditation of skills and knowledge for candidates, without requiring or proving occupational competence. They have also been mapped to the NHS Knowledge and Skills Framework.



Qualification structure :

To attain the Level 5 Certificate in Primary Care and Health Management, learners must achieve: 22 credits from the mandatory units 601-604. To attain the Level 5 Diploma in Primary Care and Health Management, learners must achieve: a minimum of 38 credits overall 30 credits from the mandatory units 601-605 plus a minimum of 8 credits from optional units 606, 608-609, 615.

The table below shows the unit titles, the credit value of each unit and the title of the qualifications which will be awarded to candidates successfully completing the required combination of units and/or credits.


Level 5 Certificate/Diploma in Primary Care and Health Management (4419-06)

*GLH (guided learning hours)


M/602/1214 601

Managing medical ethics and legal requirements in a primary care and health environment Mandatory 6 credits 35 GLH


F/602/1217 602

Financial management and budgeting in a primary care and health environment

Mandatory 7 credits 25 GLH


J/602/1221 603

Managing information and communication in a primary care and health environment

Mandatory 5 credits 25 GLH



604 Developing and leading teams to achieve organisational goals and objectives

Mandatory  4 credits 18 GLH


L/602/1222 605

Developing or improving services in a primary care or health environment

Mandatory (Diploma) 8 Credits 37 GLH


R/501/3290 606

Developing critical thinking

Optional 4 credits 18 GLH


M/501/3300 608

Managing for efficiency and effectiveness Optional 4 credits 18 GLH


Y/501/3310 609 Managing recruitment

Optional 5 credits 24 GLH


J/503/9661 615

Becoming an effective leader

Optional 5 credits 9 GLH

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