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AMSPAR Membership is open to anyone working in a healthcare organisation.  Membership is via two routes. General Membership is based on experience and length of service within a healthcare organisation.  Certified Membership is available to those that have achieved an AMSPAR accredited qualification or received accredited prior learning (APL) approval.  Please see the Membership Grades page to see a full list currently available. 


Anyone who applies for an AMSPAR course will automatically receive student membership status.  Upon completion of the course, application will be accepted for the relevant certified level or equivalent.  The membership level will be identified in the course undertaken.


Anyone who is working in a health organisation or is aspiring to start a career or change careers may apply to become an affiliate member for FREE.  You will be then entitled to proceed to future full paid membership based on experience and qualifications.


Completing the application is straightforward and you can access the application form below; 


Please select the level that you feel that you qualify for (either General or Certified).  Head Office will then contact you to confirm your application and you will be subsequently notified of your approval.


Payments can be made using online banking (see form for bank details).  Alternatively, you can make telephone card payments by contacting Head Office.  Card payments can also be made using our secure online payments via PayPal.


Thank you for your interest in becoming an AMSPAR member.



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